Self-Cleaning Pads And Silicone Replacement Kit

November 11, 2022

Now that you have received VueSonic, the FDA cleared Contact Lens Cleaning Device, learn how to take care and get the most out of it. As per the American Optometric Association (AOA), it is vital for you to clean any temporary or permanent contact lens container daily and replace it within 1-3 months. Since VueSonic Contat Lens Cleaning Devices serves as a temporary lens holder during the cleaning process, it is vital for you to keep it clean too. Here are two accessories offered by VueSonic that can help you clean the device easily.

VueSonic Self-Cleaning Pads


The VueSonic Self-Cleaning pads can be used in the VueSonic lens cleaning device. They are made with highly absorbent material, so they remove the excess solution and deposition attached to the silicone cushion and damping heads.

After each VueSonic cleaning cycle, empty the solution and place one self-cleaning pad into each silicone lens cushion. Then close the device lid. Press the start button to start cleaning on its own. Once the self-cleaning cycle is complete, dispose the pads.

Silicone Cleaning Kit Replacement


The silicone cleaning kit is the replacement set for the silicone parts that comes with your original VueSonic Device. This silicone cleaning kit is made using medical-grade silicone and is resistant to bacteria. You need to replace the silicone replacement set once every three months. When you purchase, pay attention to the version of your device, as Vuesonic one and Vuesonic Advance 2 have different silicone cleaning kits.

What if you only use VueSonic occasionally? You should still change the silicone cleaning kit every 3 months because bacteria still reproduces even when you do not use the device.

VueSonic also offers 3 months value combo which includes one Silicone Cleaning Kit Replacement and 90 pairs of Self-Cleaning Pads