About Us

VueSonic’s Research & Development can be dated back to 2010. A group of PhD in Physics from Zhejiang University headed by Mr. Zhao, an ophthalmologist, believe they are able to apply sonic technology to a consumer device to perform daily cleaning of contaminated contact lenses. After painstaking research, development and clinical tests, they not only found the most effective sound frequencies to remove protein, germs and other residue on soft and rigid lenses, but also successfully combined physical rubbing and sonic technology. 3 major patents were acquired during the time of research and their invention is possibly the only electronic system in the world that can effective remove > 90% residue on used contacts.
Competitor’s products either using ultrasonic (costly and ineffective) or pure soaking and single frequency vibrating are highly risky to eyes, and mostly even inferior to manual hand-rubbing because no relative motion is involved between lens and solution, therefore can not remove tough residue or prevent protein redeposition.
VueSonic was introduced to the Chinese market in 2015 and gained popularity in a short time. An increasing number of optometrists prescribe VueSonic to patients and feedback from patients are promising. The national bureau of quality inspection even uses VueSonic to inspect colored contact lens because low quality lenses which has color printed on the surface (instead of sandwich it inside the lens) fade after only 1 VueSonic cleaning cycle.
VueSonic LLC is founded in the United States in 2016 to introduce the VueSonic systems to worldwide consumers. During the meantime, new generations of VueSonic are being developed. Our team in Miami consists of experts from China, Russia and France (:p) and is backed by the strong R&D lab in Zhejiang University.
We understand the importance of healthy eyes and product performance is the core of our company. We believe every contacts user should use VueSonic to minimize eye risks. We urge existing customers to use daily self-cleaning pads and replace the silicone set in time.